By Bye Buy Blues

As the school year starts to  come to a close and I have not yet found gainful employment in the teaching field, I am left asking myself if that’s really a bad thing. I have begun to realize that perhaps a change in careers is in order, or at least a change in the journey of my current one. However, I am left facing another decision as to whether or not my fitness studio dream is realistic. Because this business is relatively new, for now, one is codependent on the other.  When I opened the studio over a year ago, I gave myself a deadline and said BY 1 year if I am not seeing strides or growth that I wouldn’t stress and I would just say BYE, no regrets. This mind contract has caused me a significant amount of stress as of late. I put a great deal of pressure on myself to believe that closing equals failure. When you BUY into a dream and are trying to remain positive, you aren’t supposed to give up, right? That’s how I see it anyway. I want so much to continue the pursuit of my passion but not at the risk of causing undue stress and the BLUES. That’s when the passion becomes muddled and is no longer “FUN”! Up to now, I have been able to earn an income that sustains the business and actually enjoying the variety in my daily activities allowing me to still teach, life coach, learn new careers and still be a fitness Instructor. But doing many different things has also pulled me in many different directions. Taxing to say the least and I haven’t even thrown my personal life into that mix yet!

So what is the answer to this conundrum. Not really sure there is a definitive answer. I do know that in life, people never stop growing. It is not uncommon to re-invent ourselves in order to find happiness and purpose where we are at. It is a human adaptation, one that we use not only in our pursuit of happiness but also for survival. The real question then is not what will I do, but what won’t I do? For now, I will continue to work hard and allow my passion and dreams to lead me on this journey and accept where it takes me, even if it is only temporary. No more deadlines because the “BY” is not in my control. Whatever I have to say “BYE” to, I will know that I gave it my all so that no tears will be shed. Finally, there is only one way to live and that is to “BUY” into your life completely. Owning our gifts, talents, our mistakes, failures, and our imperfections is part of living out our dreams. So, BY BYE BUY BLUES, only positivity and happiness will be allowed on this part of my journey. How about you and yours?


Published by Dawn Cortez

I am an Educator, Life Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, Motivator, and Dreamer. I feel strongly about pursuing passions and living life to the fullest and strive daily to urge others to do the same through positivity, kindness, and happiness.

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